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    Independent Contractor Print and Digital Graphic Designer


    • Translating client needs and branding strategies into design strategies 
    • Designing visual concepts using graphic design tools including design software 
    • Selecting colors, fonts, photographs, layouts and other design elements to communicate creative concepts 
    • Collaborating with art directors, branding experts, front end developers, marketing, content and other professionals to create media 
    • Articulating and pitching design concepts to clients, art directors and others 

    Skills Required 

    • Ability to communicate design choices clearly  
    • Ability to evaluate choices critically, with the customer needs in mind 
    • Demonstrated portfolio showing creative, design and software skills 
    • Experience with Adobe InDesign a must 
    • Experience with Digital Advertising content a plus 
    • Great multi-tasking skills and ability to work under pressure 
    • Mastery of graphic design software  
    • Solid knowledge of design and visual principles  
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