at One Point

    Our geographical service area for office supplies is about a 1.5 hour radius around Scranton. For printing and promotional products we have the capabilities to service the entire continental US. We also offer delivery internationally for our print and distribution clients.

    The products we offer and the manufacturers we use all meet our high standards. We constantly are on the lookout for new relevant product lines but at the same time only offer product lines that we have the expertise to knowledgeably present to our clients

    Yes – for all of our product lines.

    Turnaround times depend on many factors. We work with you to pick the right vendors for the right jobs and to streamline the fulfillment process so that missed deadlines no longer are an issue

    Yes! We have an on-site customer service department staffed by experienced One Point employees.

    Call or email customer service. 800-834-1019 or email  lhockenberry@opoffice.com.

    Customer service can help with any inquiries

    Yes – we have a wide range of products and suppliers. If you don’t see what you need on our site, please contact your sales representative or customer service